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The ORSG project was created and is maintained by the members of the Foulkes Lab.

The Lab

Located at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, MA, we are dedicated to the understanding and development of statistical methods in the realm of genomic data. Collaborating with investigators across multiple disciplines ranging from oncology to immunology, we investigate techniques for analyzing single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and disease outcomes, while considering the complex correlation structure of the human genome. Notably, we are interested in determining the association of biomarkers and given regions of the genome such as genes, lincRNAs, enhancer elements and other biologically relevant topologies. With the ever-changing knowledge of the functionality of DNA, we believe it is essential to find appropriate and reproducible analytic methods for determining true causes of disease, and are committed to improving this process.


Andrea S. Foulkes, Sc.D

Andrea Foulkes

Dr. Foulkes is a Professor of Statistics at Mount Holyoke College. Her research includes developing analytic methods for characterizing the relationships among high-dimensional molecular and cellular data and measures of disease progression. These methods draw from cluster analysis, recursive partitioning, mixed effects modeling and Markov modeling. In addition, Dr. Foulkes is working on establishing methods for understanding the complex relationships among HIV-1 genotypic markers of resistance to antiretroviral drugs, cellular immune modulation and clinical outcomes.

Foulkes received a B.A. in Mathematics from Brown University in 1994 and an Sc.D. in Biostatistics from Harvard School of Public Health in 2000.

Faculty Collaborators

Jing Qian Ph.D

Jing Qian

Dr. Qian is an Associate Professor of Statistics at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. His main research interests are in the area of survival analysis, which deals with time-to-event data in general. Specifically, he studies semiparametric methods for correlated time-to-event outcomes, arising from medical cost and cost-effectiveness analysis and multistate clinical trials. By developing a quantile regression approach for censored survival data, Dr. Qian introduces flexible modeling methods to deal with non-constant covariate effects in regression. Currently, he is also active in developing statistical methods for survival data subject to complex sampling. In addition, he is interested in statistical inference with high dimensional data. His other research interests include statistical issues in clinical trials and epidemiological studies, and statistical analysis in neurologic diseases.

Qian received a B.S. in Statistics from Renmin University of China in 2002 and a Ph.D. in Biostatistics from Emory University in 2009.

Evan Ray Ph.D

Evan Ray

Evan Ray is an Assistant Professor of Statistics in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Mount Holyoke College. His research focuses on non-parametric and ensemble methods for time series prediction and classification. His recent work has developed these methods in the context of predicting the timing and severity of the spread of infectious diseases including influenza and dengue fever. He has also developed methods for classifying physical activity according to its type and intensity using accelerometer data.

Ray received a B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Massachusetts, Boston and a PhD in statistics from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Lab Members

Regina Brecha

Regina Brecha

Regina has been working in Dr. Foulkes' lab since January 2018. In addition to statistical methods in genomics, she is interested in the application of data in human rights and global public health settings.

Brecha received a B.A. in Statistics from the Mount Holyoke College.

Undergraduate Lab Members

Rachel Bostick

Mount Holyoke College Statistics '20 Rachel Bostick

Amelia Johnson

Mount Holyoke College Mathematics '20 Amelia Johnson

Savannah Romeo

Mount Holyoke College Biology '19 Savannah Romeo

Additional Undergraduate Affiliates

Yue (Holly) Hong

Mount Holyoke College '20

Jiaxuan (Alice) Ji

Mount Holyoke College '21

Former Members

Siying Chen

Mount Holyoke College '16

Soohyun Kim

Mount Holyoke College '16

Yujia Guan

Mount Holyoke College '16

Siyu Bao

Mount Holyoke College '16

Jeanie Lim

Mount Holyoke College '17

Carolyn Tan

Mount Holyoke College '17

Isha Raut

Mount Holyoke College '17

Deepshikha Adhikari

Mount Holyoke College '18

Ani Gelashvili

Mount Holyoke College '18

Yunshi Zhou

Mount Holyoke College '18

Eric R. Reed

Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Bioinformatics from Boston University

Tu Dao

Mount Holyoke College '17